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5 Signs You're Being Ghosted

First, it's important to understand what ghosting is. Letting someone know you just aren't that into them can be awkward and full of drama, so how do you get around it? You terminate the relationship digitally.

Ghosting When Online Dating

According to Fortune, around 80 percent of millennials have fallen victim to ghosting. In this instance, the term "ghost" refers to a person who slowly ceases their communication until it stops completely. Why deal with the messiness of a break up when you can just fade into oblivion?

Here are some signs you're being ghosted.

1. She responds only with emojis

Full sentence answers have been replaced by a solitary smiley face or laughing cat emoticon. This is because she doesn't want to waste her time figuring out how to answer you. The quickest way to answer someone is by sending a noncommittal emoji and hope they get the clue. Eventually, she'll tire of being polite and stop answering altogether.

2. He unfollows your social media accounts or blocks them totally

When you first start dating someone, you check his social media constantly. You like all his photos. You comment on all his status updates. And yeah, as you interact more in real life, you interact less online. However, if you find yourself unfollowed or blocked, you should worry. This means he's digitally ghosting you and usually happens alongside one of the other ghosting versions on this list.

3. She always seems busy when you try to take her out

Even the busiest person has some free time. No one is constantly booked. If she never finds time to hang out, she just doesn't want to and doesn’t know how else to tell you. She assumes you'll eventually stop asking. This is a prime example of ghosting.

4. He never reschedules broken plans

If he's interested, he'll try his best never to cancel on you. And anyone excited to see you will immediately try to reschedule. If your significant other breaks plans and leaves the rescheduling to you, there's an underlying problem. He might hope that you get discouraged enough to stop rescheduling.

5. She takes a whole day to get back to you

You can measure a person's interest in you by how quickly they respond. When you're in the throes of new love, you want to constantly communicate. As soon as she texts you, you text back. You can't put your phone down! If your new beau is not responding as urgently as you, wait it out. If she stops responding altogether, she's ghosting you.

Although ghosting seems like an easy way to let someone down, it's more painful than quick break-up. Because ghosting draws the process out, it's harder to deal with and takes more time to get over. If you're rethinking your current relationship, do the right thing and talk it out.

Kelly Martini, February 19, 2018

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