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10 Things Every Boyfriend Expect From His Girlfriend

Men are not as emotional and expressive as women. They do not talk much, and they do not express their feelings. Even in a relationship it is difficult to understand what men want their girl to do for them. But then there are a few things guys really want from their girlfriends.

things guys want from his gf

Here, in this article, we have shared 10 things that every boyfriend expects from his girlfriend. Let's check it out.

1. Guys like their girlfriends to care for them  

One thing man expects in a relationship is the feeling of being cared for. This is one of the things guys secretly love. So start pampering and surprising your guy every now and then with some little gifts too.

2. Guys like their girlfriends to make them laugh

According to many guys, the most adorable acts their girlfriends do is make them laugh. You don't need to have comedy skills to make him laugh. Your own sense of humor would just do the trick.

3. Guys like their girl who appreciate his efforts

From handling your mood swings to pampering you, your boyfriend puts a lot of effort in the relationship. So, you can reciprocate by appreciating him. Once a while, you can leave a 'Thank You' note on his side table saying how much he means to you.

4. Guys like when their girlfriend compliment them

Like us women, compliments do make men happy! When you give compliment, it makes the other person feel noticed and valued.

5. Guys like when their girl cheerleads for them.

A guy loves the way his girlfriend's eyes glow when she comes to meet him. It's such a simple thing that holds so much beauty.

6. Guys need their girl to trust on them and give them space

Honesty and truth are some things guys want in a relationship. They want their women to talk out straight on what they need and what they are expecting as they don't understand the turning round and round language. Also, they want their girl to understand their needs and give them space.

7. Guys like their girl to dress up for him

While you should mainly dress for yourself, your guy will like you dressing up for him occasionally. Making an effort to look good for him will bring your partner closer.

8. Guys really want their girlfriends to treat them with love and respect

You are a strong, independent woman who makes her own choices, but asking his opinion before making any major decisions will make him feel important. Guys really want their girlfriends to treat them with love and respect and as a part of your team when it comes to life decisions.

9. Understanding is what most guys expect from his girlfriend

Most guys complain about being unable to understand what their partner wants. So be direct about your needs and feelings and communicate better rather than dropping subtle hints. Guys want to spend their time with a lovely lady who is willing to be impetuous and spontaneous. Guys also want attention but don't always know how to ask for it.

10. Guys wants someone in the world to share their passion with

Guys will look their whole lives for someone who gets them on a deep level. They share their passion and make a bond with the person who they feel that they can share anything with. So if you want him to bond with you and become more intimate with you, connect with him where he’s most happy and excited to share things with you.

So there you have it; the 10 things every guy expects from his girlfriend. If you’ve got any questions, or you disagree with anything, read our article 5 things guys wish girls would do in relationships

Contributor, December 4, 2020

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