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Common Problems in a Long-Term Relationship

Common problems in a long-term relationship

Relationships are tough and full of complexities. Initially, you spend a lot of quality time with each other but after a while, there's nothing new to explore. Soon, life gets mundane and before you know it, there is a load of responsibilities on your shoulders.

Even though we all know that life is all about ups and downs, somehow, we are not prepared to face the tough times in a relationship. The truth is, until you go through the crucial stages of life with your partner, you won’t be able to value the happy times with them.

If you are in a relationship, you must know about these common problems that every couple goes through:

Less fun

In a long-term relationship, the couple has already spent a great deal of time doing activities for fun. So, they get bored of each other’s company. Ultimately, they spend their time doing things they love on their own or with friends. Very few people succeed in keeping things interesting and exciting in a relationship. This is because the activities they used to enjoy as a couple earlier don’t spark the same level of joy and hence, they need to work on finding new areas of common interests.

Lack of communication

As time passes, the cute little fights turn into heated arguments. There is a rise in conflicts regarding financial decisions, family issues, and other aspects of life. In order to avoid such situations, people stop confronting their partners causing a lot of unresolved resentment and anger. These negative emotions keep building up, leading to frustration and disappointment in the relationship. Eventually, it all comes out in an ugly spat which further creates confusion and misunderstanding among the couple.

Less intimacy

Less intimacy in long-term relationships

The level of intimacy is always higher in the initial stages of a relationship. It’s full of romance, passion, and desires. Even a single moment spent apart feels like eternity. However, with time, the same passion is overcome by sentiments and emotional companionship. The couple still wants to make love, not out of physical needs and longing, but to express their love for each other.

Taking each other for granted

When two people spend a lot of time together, they tend to develop the feeling of indifference for each other. They stop complimenting each other more often and may even stop valuing their partner’s efforts. Knowingly or unknowingly, they forget the importance of acknowledging and appreciating each other’s role in the relationship.


It’s a well-known fact that relationships don’t always remain same and go through different stages, which is quite unavoidable to some extent. However, there’s no reason to lose hope. You can still make things work if you are willing to try. Sit together, talk about your feelings from time to time and refrain from piling up your complaints. The more honest you are, the better it will be for the two of you. As far as the fun part is concerned, there are several ways to revive the boredom if you are ready to put some efforts and explore new adventures in your journey.

Contributor, November 13, 2020

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