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8 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Has your partner been acting a little weird lately? Have you been getting signs that they are losing interest? Did you notice other things that might imply infidelity on their part? If you can relate to such questions, take a deep breath. Before you jump to any conclusions and lash out with anger, gather enough information to confront your partner.

Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Although the situation may vary from one couple to another, there are some common traits of those who cheat in a relationship. Here are eight signs that your partner is cheating on you.

1. The ex-factor 

Is your partner still in touch with an ex? There's nothing wrong with befriending an ex. But when conversations or meet-ups become frequent and secretive, you have something to worry about. While you must show maturity and trust your partner, it's wrong for them to take advantage of you and revive an old romance. If your partner has been meeting with their ex frequently, or their conversations have become unnecessarily long, take that as a wake-up call. 

2. More expenses

It's expensive to manage two partners at a time. If your partner is cheating on you, you are bound to notice an increase in your partner's expenses. Moreover, if they hide bank statements and account information, they clearly don't want you to see where the money is going. 

3. Social media usage

When your partner starts behaving in an unusual way on social media, it's definitely a sign of infidelity. Is your partner is using an account you were not aware of? Someone cheating through a social channel will be stuck to their device late at night while their accounts show minimal updates. 

4. Mobile phone usage

An obvious sign of cheating is a partner constantly busy on their phone -- and in a way that you can't peek at their screen. They may talk on the phone in a hushed voice or flip it face down when they get an incoming text. They might also have contacts saved with unusual names or an unsaved number repeated in the call log. 

5. Late nights at work

Your partner might be working late to accomplish goals and to secure a future, but are you sure it's work that's been keeping them busy and not a mystery man/woman? There's no better excuse than staying late at work, because it sounds believable. While you shouldn't doubt your partner's intentions, don't take things lightly when your gut is telling you otherwise.

6. Changes in their looks

It's completely normal to groom yourself and look good at special occasions, but it's questionable when a person who usually doesn't care about their appearance starts caring out of the blue. Is it for someone special? And if you're not that someone special, that signals some bad news. 

7. Events in the past

It's said that cheaters can never change. Once you cheat in a relationship, you'll never be able to take that tag off yourself, because practice makes perfect. Cheaters get better at manipulation and hiding things. They find it a lot easier to do it again. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

8. Behavioral changes

If your partner starts cheating on you, they'll find it difficult to connect on an emotional level. If you bring up your suspicion, they shift the blame back to you. The fear of being caught makes them restless.

Contributor, June 3, 2019

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