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Does Your Partner Love Their Job More Than You?

Phone calls during dinner. Urgent texts and emails in the middle of the night. Emergency demands to drop everything and go, whether it's after-hours or on weekends. Does it feels like there is another woman in your man's life, but it's his job? Does your girlfriend pay more attention to her work than to you?

Does Your Partner Love Their Job More Than You?

There's always going to be a night, a weekend or even a holiday, where one partner is forced to stay late at the office or spend the day behind the warm glow of a computer screen. Dinner reservations will need to be canceled, and weekend plans will have to be rearranged. You're allowed to be proud of your partner for being determined, hardworking and dedicated to their job while still wondering if it may be detrimental to your relationship.

Does it seem like your partner loves work more than you? Here are a few tips on how to address this issue.

Understand your partner's point-of-view

If you want to resolve the issue, it's important for you to understand things through your partner's eyes. If you feel annoyed, because your partner is busy with his work, state your complaint without blaming them.

Have a conversation about priorities

Your relationship is important, especially if you're committed for the long-term. However, sometimes priorities need time to shift. Communicate with your partner to determine if working a lot is a short-term strategy that has its own rewards… or if this is the new normal.

Schedule date nights that you don't miss

Decide together how often to plan date nights and agree that they are non-negotiable. This is the time to reaffirm your love, build your commitment and create a future. Make these nights a priority and spend your special time in the moment (phones unplugged). It will give you a chance to reconnect and enjoy other's company. 

Plan something to look forward to

Whether it's an evening walk, a vacation or a get-away weekend, you need time off -- together. Let that be the beacon in the future that helps pull you through this rough patch.

Express your feelings openly

Do you and your partner know each other's love language? This would be a great time to rediscover how to express and receive love. Even during the stressful times of a relationship, and especially when your time together is short, the last thing you want to do is close yourself off. That would create a downward spiral for both of you!

Connect often through technology

If your partner is busy at work, without time for a lengthy chat, use technology to stay connected. Take a few seconds throughout the day to shoot a text or email back and forth. Send them a funny meme. FaceTime each other during lunch. It can help you feel connected when you're apart.

As long as you and your partner are making significant sacrifices for the sake of what you believe is a worthy goal, there's hope for the future. Instead of feeling lonely, find activities that you physically, emotionally and spiritually can delve into. Maybe this is a time to reinvent your own career or reassess your personal priorities. Find a way to give back to the community; take up yoga; renew your commitment to your own well-being.

Contributor, May 24, 2019

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