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10 Things Every Confident Woman Does

There is something that you must know about strong women. A woman who loves herself is comfortable and strong in her own way. She is independent and bold. Here are 10 things that every woman who loves herself does.

Things Every Woman Who Loves Herself Knows

1. She is not insecure or driven to please everyone she meets

She loves herself, thus she cherishes her life and the people around her. A young lady who adores herself is unique. She isn't unreliable or headed to satisfy everybody she meets. She doesn't endeavor to be what others need her to be. She doesn't change her personality dependent on who she's near. She is confident in who she is and isn't afraid to show it. She knows that it's not worth it to pretend to be someone else.

2. She's creative or innovative

Regardless of whether she reads books, writes or designs -- a girl who loves being on her own has an innovative outlet. Creativity can be a very personal activity due to the emotions it tends to release. As a girl who loves being independent, she has discovered that confronting life in an innovative manner helps her to stay that way. She doesn't depend on others to give her a solution; she comes up with her own.

3. She'll never give up herself for love

A woman who loves being on her own will not give up freedom for love. It's not that she doesn't want love, but she knows the significance of self care and expects the person she is with to comprehend this. If anything, she may prefer someone who feels the same. All relationships take sacrifice, but a woman who loves being with her own thoughts will not give up that time easily.

4. She is true to herself

She is unapologetically and deliciously authentic. When her world is crashing down around her, she doesn't give up. She keeps that smile on her face. Nothing can keep her down for long. She feels everything profoundly and continues to love herself. This woman knows that she would not be who and where she is if it was not for all the trials and tribulations she has gone through.

5. She is the girl with biggest heart

If this is the woman that you open your heart up to and the woman you fall head over heels for, you're in luck. She will change your life. She is her own person, and it shows in the way she walks and in the way she talks. This girl scares you nearly to death, because it's all or nothing. She knows what love is, so she will know how to love you. She is compassionate and empathetic. You will not question her feelings.

6. She will be your best friend

She is the woman that will be by your side through it all. When you're down and out, she will be there to support you. She knows that she doesn't need to depend on you for everything. But just because this woman can stand strong on her own two feet doesn't mean she's too indepedent to spend time with you. She'll be your ride-or-die. 

7. She hurts, even though she doesn't always show it

It may seem like a woman is heartless at times, because she makes it seem so easy to move on from others or from bad situations. However, it's not as easy as it seems. She hurts just as much as you; she just handles her hurt differently. The time she spends alone is the time for reflection, grief and sadness. She knows it is important to thoroughly work through these feelings, and she does it in a way that is protective of herself.

8. She chooses quality over quantity

If she chooses quality over quantity in friendship or in love, you can be sure you're special to her. She doesn't care if she is surrounded by a crowd as long as those surrounding her treat her right. She knows that quality connections and loyalty are difficult to find. 

9. She works best alone

A woman who loves being on her own appreciates a helping hand every once in a while, but she has the strongest work ethic when she is on her own. She is well acquainted with her own abilities, so don't take it personally when she refuses your help at work. Just take it as a reassurance for you not to worry about what she's doing. She'll always finish her tasks accordingly and efficiently. She's got this.

10. She has a deep understanding of life

Spending time alone and actually enjoying it means you have discovered a way to appreciate life the way it is. This is why she doesn't need others to take up her time. Sitting alone peacefully is enough to keep her satisfied, because she has found the beauty of just simply being. You'll learn to see yourself through her eyes, if you let her.

Contributor, May 28, 2019

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